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Do you want to change your life completely? Of course, you do, and that reality is the same for almost every individual on the planet. In fact; if you polled many people about whether they were truly happy with their lives now. You would find discontent among a great number of those individuals. The desire for change at some point in your life will surface. Consequently and depending on your choices and the state of your mind, will determine the deviation on the imbalance within your life. This could be health, finances, work, relationships and so much more. Discontent is a disease caused by you and only you.


So what is discontent or discontentment? Miriam Websters dictionary states that discontent is;

‘noun; lack of satisfaction with one’s possessions, status, or situation : lack of contentment.’

This means that we are unhappy with an aspect or many aspects of our current situation and circumstances. When discontent exists within your life, it has tremendous impact on your well-being, personally, financially and emotionally. It pushes you further into despair and that can take a toll on your health too. Your life begins to spiral out of control and you begin to feel powerless.


You can have discontent with many aspects of your life. However, what may shock you are how it is not just one of those aspects which stands alone. You may feel discontent with your job, and in turn that will have an effect on your finances. It may even spill out to your personal relationships and then your work relationships. The truth is that one aspect of discontent in your life has a resounding and compounding effect on other aspects. This is because one has a relationship with the other. This is tantamount to the law of correspondence; as above so below — the relationship coincides with each other and has an effect on each other.


There is a need to change your life if you are discontent in any way, but its not as easy as you would think. The relationship to other aspects of your life will have a causative effect on each other. You have to remember there is a law, which is a divine law of cause and effect. This law states that for every cause there is an equal and opposite effect. One point to note is that most divine laws are created by man’s perception where the reality exists in only one law — that’s another story for another day.

You are therefore the sum total of all your thoughts. It is your thinking that has created your reality in the here and now. Discontentment with your thinking leads to the imbalance in your life, and so a new desire arises from the depths of your soul. It is your soul, or your spirit calling to you to make a change. This is because your soul knows what you need, and what your destiny is, which is often not the path you find yourself on. This is due to your thinking. In reality, we are often the product of false perception and fear, driven by other’s perceptions and of course your EGO.


It matters not where you come from in your level of understanding. You do not need to be a spiritual person to find the answers in the spirit. Furthermore, the answers are not changeable and nor does your belief rely on the awakening of the awareness. You may not be a spiritually adept person, and you may be more focussed on the material planes. However, you are no different in essence to the one who is enlightened. The only difference is the power or light within, the power than animates us all is the same.

So whether you are a successful leader, CEO, executive, entrepreneur or one who serves in what others perceive as menial — we are all the same. Everyone has the same capacity for greatness within. Everyone has the potential to tap into the divine power to change. The capacity for change is held within you and that, when awakened with awareness and action can bring wondrous changes on all aspects of your life.


Most people find it difficult to change. They know there is something wrong, and yet they do not have a deep awareness of where the seed of discontent actually lives. Instead, they think it is outside circumstances and go down the path of looking at the external rather than the internal. One starts to play the ‘Blame Game’ and fails to recognize the imbalance within the self.


Everything in life starts with awareness. To change anything, one must have an awareness of that which is out of balance. Rather like working with your shadow self, you have to experience the awareness of both polar opposites within the self. So it is entirely possible to change one’s life for the better, and it starts with becoming aware of being aware and then taking action upon the deeper awareness that has ignited. If one fails to take action on the awareness, it is merely a thought with no power without the action from the thought.


One deep insight can change your life in a moment, and a series of deep insights can completely change your life from its imbalance. No matter what your imbalance is, whether you experience ill health or mental torture, you can be assured this comes from you, and the imbalance is of your own doing by your thoughts and choices you make from those thoughts. Change your thoughts, change your life, but becoming aware of being aware is a deeper divine awakening. Understanding your divine power and who you really are in all aspects of mind, body and soul, totally transforms you within and has an equal effect on what is outside you.

Change your inner world and the outer world must change. This means that everything external to you can change, not just you, but all of your environment, including relationships and your mental well-being. This is the law of cause and effect.


You can totally transform any aspect of your life and in a short time. 21 weeks is what you need and the basis of the transformational journey to change your life completely. This journey and program is the seed of change that was sown and is now tended by a spiritual power and being. It is now a wonderful one to one program with spiritual teacher and medium Jock Brocas. You can work one to one with Jock over 21 weeks and awaken the seed of change in your soul. You can be challenged to look deeper into yourself and to change every aspect of your life within and change on the outside.


Selina, a student on the 21 Virtues Program had this to say;

“ Since I started the coaching program ‘21 virtues’, my entire life has changed. Not only have I noticed the changes within myself, but my family has also noticed the change in me. It feels as if I’m a different person, each day wanting to be better, to do more, to spread kindness. When I started making changes, this action immediately had a domino effect, leaving impressions on the surrounding people in my environment. Allowing them to live a happier, peaceful life. The change started with me and in all aspects of my life and now it is affecting others in my life too. My sister has mentioned how the coaching changed her because of the change in me. This change happened on only 4 lessons and I still have 17 to go.”

21 Virtues is based on ancient wisdom and is a spiritual warriors journey. It is by application and referral only due to the dedication and work you will need to put in. You become the spiritual warrior you were meant to be and face the challenges along the way that test the spirit and develop your divine power within. In essence, upon the journey, you can change every aspect of your life to something greater attracting more success, changing relationships and awakening happiness and contentment within you. It does not matter if you are already a success in work, a leader or you suffer from depression or your relationships seem to fail, you can be the spiritual warrior you were meant to be. It starts with 21 Virtues over 21 weeks and guided on your journey with Jock as your spiritual knight! Learn the old ways based on ancient wisdom of the warriors.

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