21 virtues


For many people, choosing the right path in life to awakening and personal development is a daunting task. They often make this decision to begin their journey of personal growth and awakening, but don’t know how to begin. This is where they get help from others who provide spiritual awakening guidance and mentoring.

These individuals have trodden a specific path, faced some problems in their journey, and have endured circumstances that are unique and only worked out for them. When they guide someone who is beginning this journey, they might ask them to do what they did to succeed.

But following the footsteps of the mentor in exactly the same way is not going to help, because every person is different. Your makeup, your footsteps, size of your footsteps, your weight, and biological aspects of your body are different. You cannot mimic the path of the spiritual mentor, but you can learn from the experience and knowledge of the spiritual mentor and create your own path.

You can take the direction of the spiritual mentor and reach your destination. There is no one-size-fits-all ritual for manifestation. There are so many laws that must work in harmony with each other to manifest. Someone else cannot do it for you, You have done it for yourself; create your own path and tread it.

Everyone must develop a spiritual connection and figure out how they can awaken in their own way. Buddha awakened under the body tree on his own. He later helped his disciples in their awakening, but not under the same tree, or through doing exactly what he did. Instead, Buddha provided his knowledge and guidance to help them find their connection to wisdom.

On your path to spiritual awareness, you are not following the footsteps of someone else. You are not in front of someone else or behind someone, you walk together with the mentor. If the mentor asks you to look at a tree, the tree will look different to you than how your mentor sees it. When your mentor asks you to look deeper, your awareness and awakening will come from inside you. The mentor or another person cannot awaken you because awakening comes from within.

As a mentor, when I’m taking a group of students through 21 virtues, all students are going to take a different effect because they are going through different situations in life, different directions, and are learning different lessons.

There is no one religion, one lesson, or one formula that works for everybody. A person following a religion cannot condemn others. Spiritual awakening is for everyone and comes from within. We are all different people, with different faiths and from different walks of life trying to become whatever we believe in.

Buddha once said that there are hundreds of paths up the mountain, and all of them lead in the same direction, up the mountain. It doesn’t matter what path you take to climb up the mountain. The only person wasting time who won’t reach the destination is the one who runs around and around the mountain, telling everyone else that his or her path is wrong.

When you are receiving spiritual guidance from someone, you begin a journey with them, and they make you aware of certain aspects to awaken. To act on their guidance, learn from their knowledge, and apply it to your life is up to you. Awareness helps us take action when our thoughts become reality. If you don’t take action, the awareness is like an energy that may pass through you. Awakening is not pushing to awaken either. When you force yourself to become aware, it doesn’t magically happen. When you force it, you might be pushing it away from you.

You follow the path that requires you to make the right choices, learn discernment, know yourself, and know that you are a spiritual being also having a human experience. Just like with manifestation, there is no one way to do it. For everyone, it is different and if you look at other people and their environment, you’ll see that there are many factors involved in manifestation. When things don’t work for people, it is usually because there is an imbalance in other areas.

It is vital to understand that your journey to awakening is going to come from within. You will become an enlightened being and have a divine connection. As a spiritual mentor who helps people find their awakening, I walk with them as an equal on the journey. Mentors can make you more aware of the opportunities and what you may think of as impossible is possible.


Remember, your spiritual awakening should come from within you, so there is no fixed pattern you should follow that will make you an awakened being. Your path will help you in your own development, and growth. Other people might motivate you, but the motivation wears off after some time. No matter how motivated you were at the moment, you might not feel it later. So, look for transformation, not motivation. Transformation helps you create your own path where you stay motivated, and you don’t need anyone else to motivate you.

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